Detox? Just add green vegetables.

Since I’m a health coach, people constantly ask me nutrition-related questions. The most frequent question I get is regarding detoxification. Which detox diet is the best one for me to be on? My answer is never what they expect it to be – just eat something dark, leafy and green each day. While a green vegetable detox may not sound exciting, this is one of the healthiest habits someone can start to practice!

Green vegetables are the foods most missing in modern diets and a green vegetable detox is a great way to build a healthy eating regimen. I like to tell my clients to imagine themselves as a washcloth for their internal organs. Each time greens are consumed they literally wipe down the insides of one’s body, freshening everything up, aiding in smooth elimination of toxins and resulting in radiant health. Dark leafy green vegetables literally cleanse your body from the inside out.

Consuming green vegetables regularly have many benefits such as: READ MORE

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