Gluten Free Beer: New Grist

For all of ya’ll who are (or were) beer drinkers and are now gluten free, have you tried New Grist GF beer?!
Gluten free beer is straight up nasty.
There is no other way to put it.  Every GF beer I’ve cracked open and sipped I’ve had the same reaction…”It’s…good.” But what I really meant was, “How the eff can this actually be labeled as beer?!  This sucks!”
Last night my honey, Lammer, and I went to my old hood – New Paltz!  It was our friend’s birthday so we made a night of it and booked a room in my old college town.  While we were out for a fantastic dinner, there was 5 (yes, 5!) gluten free beer options to choose from, so I had to order one.  I used to consume a copious amount of beer back in my college days (not proud of that fact), so I was itching to drink some since I NEVER do anymore.
New Grist has been the first and only GF beer that I LOVE the taste of and that actually tastes somewhat like the light beer I used to adore.  I highly recommend it!

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