Prenatal Yoga Classes


FYI for my yoga students & friends: I’m taking a hiatus from teaching my regular yoga classes for now, but will be teaching Prenatal Yoga on Saturday mornings at 10am at Bend & Blossom for the time being. I’ve got a bun in the oven and my regular yoga practice & classes that I teach are just not something that I can continue right now. I love leading by example when it comes to diet, lifestyle and yoga. I would be doing the opposite of what my body needs right now by pushing myself too hard and/or doing poses that were not appropriate while pregnant. I have to honor my body where it is and take things slow & move mindfully – more so than usual with a sweetheart in my belly. I will miss my wonderful & loyal students but I’m thrilled to teach other ladies prenatal yoga during their pregnancy! Hari ॐ

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