Art Journaling

Before I am a yoga teacher, holistic health coach or corporate wellness director, I am a multimedia artist.

I draw, paint, sculpt, take photographs, make jewelry, collage, scrapbook, craft, journal, and create delicious meals. Creativity seeps out of my pores. I think in colors, shapes and designs. I’m a natural illustrator so when I hear certain words or sentences, a design or idea immediately transforms in my mind.
Myself as an artist is constantly evolving, and throughout the past few years I’ve been expressing myself best through art journaling. This is a chance for me to take my love of mixed media and bring it all together. I sit down, grab my sketchbook, jot down some thoughts (either how I’m feeling at that moment, a song lyric that I can’t get enough of, a colorful word, etc.), then allow myself to play! I’ll sketch around the words, cut and paste images on the page, paint, scribble, etc.
Some of the pages are personal, for no one’s eyes other than mine. Others are meaningless and quite silly (see citrus doodles on right!). Either way, this art form has resonated with me the most out of any other particular medium because I’m free to incorporate all the different aspects of art that I love onto one page. That creative freedom is so liberating! Then of course after I’m finished creating in my art journal, I enter my kitchen where my creativity has been taken to a whole other level and my tools are foods, spices and herbs. Even while planning my yoga classes, I’m designing routines to dance through with my students.
Art is everywhere. From as young as I can remember, I always said that I would be an artist. And here I am, in my 30’s, creating art each and every day.

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