Bone Broth Cubes for Smoothies!

When it’s freezing outside I have no problem warming up with a hot mug full of bone broth. During the summer though, I have ZERO taste for it. But the warm weather is no excuse NOT to have your bone broth! You can still cook your grains with it, saute veggies in it, or use it in any recipe that calls for “broth” (gazpacho!). My favorite is freezing it into ice cubes and throwing a cube or two into my daily smoothie. I never can taste it since the flavors of fruit, raw honey, nut butter and protein powder mask it so well. If you’re not consuming mineral-rich bone broth on the regular, know that it helps to improve digestion (by healing the gut lining), is an anti-inflammatory, helps regulates hormones, boost the immune system, improves hair skin and nails and so, so, so much more. In other words, start having some to better your health! They say a nourishing pot of bone broth can bring back the dead. No joke.

Click HERE to see how you can easily make your own basic bone broth in a slow cooker or the Instant Pot.

Bottoms up!

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