Choose FUN Workouts!

We all have jam-packed lives, but we know squeezing in a workout is key to good health.  However, if our workouts aren’t something that we enjoy, what the heck is going to make us stop all that we have to do to go do one?!  Lately, I’ve been uber crunched for time, but dying to get in workouts.  I set up stations in my living room to change things up a bit and to bang something out really fast.  For example, I’ll set up 3-4 stations and do 1-2 minutes at each, and move right to the next, a total of 3 rounds.  One station may be hula hooping (as seen above!), another may be ab-work or crunches, another is jump roping, another is kettlebells, another is incorporating a large exercise ball, another may be lunges with weights, etc.  A few of these may all be happening while blasting my favorite work out tunes in the back to keep me going.  
Moral of my workouts is that whatever I do, it’s loads of FUN & movement!    
Drop any ideas you may have of what a workout has to look like and take a moment 
to think about what physical activities excite you.
How can you incorporate more of those activities into your weekly routine so that you can move more?

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