Cleaning & Clearing Out

Many of you already know, I have a thing for
scarves.  But I don’t need 100 gazillion scarves,
that’s for sure!  I got rid of plenty (still not enough,
but a start!) along with lots more clothes.

Since I’m still in the process of moving into my new place, my life at home involves stepping over bags, boxes, cleaning supplies, things everywhere and empty walls.  It’s VERY unsettling to me.  However, the great thing about moving is that it has forced me to uproot my life and start fresh.  Throughout the past month (pre and post move) I’ve filled up at least 5 HUGE boxes of clothes, kitchen supplies, crafts, nick-nacks and tons of other things to give away.  I’ve also thrown out SO much.  I can’t even tell you how great this feels.  I always had the attitude, out with the old & in with the new, but now that I’ve gotten older and continue to just accumulate more stuff I don’t want to bring in that much new stuff!  It feels better to live with less and to enjoy and use what you already have.  I have been keeping this mindset with each box I unpack and I’m floored by how much I’ve been able to either give away or get rid of.  It’s so true that our outer order creates inner harmony.

I look forward to unpacking my life and simply settling into my new place.

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