COREiculum Yoga Session


Last year I had the pleasure of working with Monmouth College student, Andy Stern, an entrepreneur and fitness expert who put together the genius idea, COREiculum.  It’s a fitness program designed by college students for college students!  Keeping a student’s hectic schedule, small dorm-room environment, sporadic sleeping habits, and dietary challenges, COREiculum is a student’s professor, adviser, and classmate to a sculpted, toned, and well-defined bathing suit body in just 25-45 minutes a day.  I offered an “extra-credit” yoga course on the DVD and am psyched for college students to whip their health into shape by getting in their workouts, yoga, and nutrition habits into better shape!
Check out more about COREiculum here and/or purchase your DVD!
I enjoy the workouts each week at home even though I’m way out of college – HA!!

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