CYH’s Moment of Yoga: Be a Peace Frog


Check out this “peace frog” that sits atop my desk at work.  He’s got a comfortable seat, a sweet-Buddha smile across his face, and a peace sign right at his heart’s center.  His grin is contagious and instantly makes me feel light-hearted.
Umm, this is a 7″ sculpted piece of cement.  If this can bring me so much joy, how can genuine smiles given to one another throughout the day make a difference?  They can change the course of someone’s day.  If you keep a peaceful attitude in your heart, will others feel it when they are near you?  You bet.
 Exude peace in every aspect of your life…feel it stem from the core of your center, enveloping your heart, showing through your smile, actions and words.  Be a living peace frog!

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