CYH’s Moment of Yoga: Find your balance

This time of the year, more than most other times is when we need to make sure that we’re grounded and balanced.  As difficult as it is since it’s such a busy time, we must take just a few moments out of each day to connect with our breath and follow it from the tip of our nose down to the base of our spine.  We must remind ourselves that things will get done and that we’re doing enough.  It helps to keep To-Do lists since there is so much to think about, along with planning ahead so that you’re prepared for Holiday gatherings, meals, gifts and other fun stuff.  It certainly takes work, but it will pay off with feeling healthy and balanced (instead of sick and ready to pull your hair out!).

Try some balancing yoga poses to help ground you and keep you functioning optimally:

Tree Pose, like this yoga frog is doing!

Tadasana, the mountain pose.

Any standing asanas like Warrior pose(s), Triangle, High Crescent Lunge, etc.  When we engage our core while flowing through our yoga poses, we’re able to express the full pose and reap the benefits.

Lotus pose, any seated meditation position where you can ground your bum and breathe will be balancing.  

Most importantly, a favorite yoga pose that you enjoy doing and that makes you feel good.  

What usually helps you to find your balance?

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