Eat Butter for Your Health

November is Butter Lover’s Month. I can’t make this stuff up. However, I thought this was a perfect opportunity to spotlight butter for all of it’s amazingness!

Did you know that an everyday superfood is BUTTER? No need to fear this rich, delicious goodness for it’s fat content or cholesterol – the saturated fat and cholesterol in butter is what our bodies thrive on! Below are a few informative articles on the health benefits of butter and why we should be eating more of it. Just be sure that your butter is of highest quality, meaning pastured (grass fed) and organic. When you come across a farmer who sells raw or homemade butter, even better!

Why Butter is Better – Weston A. Price Foundation

Why Butter is a Health Food – Food Renegade

Benefits of Real Butter – Body Ecocolgy

Review Food Babe‘s chart for how to choose the best store-bought butter:


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