I bet you didn’t know…

Being “bad” in Nicaragua and enjoying an amazing Tona beer
even though beer now tears my stomach apart
(damn you gluten!).  As you can see,  I really
enjoyed it…it was worth it!

…that as a Health Coach I struggle with the same issues when it comes to taking care of my body that everyone else does:

I find it challenging to squeeze in my morning yoga/meditation practice on most days. 

Many times I run to the store (or order in) for a meal instead of cooking up something truly nourishing.

I eat a few too many bites of bread while out to eat when I know for sure it will make my stomach hurt and make me sleepy.  

I ignore signs that my body is clearly giving me (like when I’m tired and just want to rest, but keep going because I feel I have too much to do, or when my nails become brittle and flaky because of how poorly I’ve been feeding myself…etc.).

I eat a few too many cookies and sometimes not even just after a meal, but in place of a meal!

I can go on about this, because we all have our quirks and struggles when it comes to our health.  It’s not easy to be 100%, 100% of the time.  Sometimes it feels good to be bad and skip a workout, not respond to an email or eat something we know will make us sick.  But, we cannot go on like this.  I adapted the 90/10 rule to my life back when I was in nutrition school and since then my life has been much less stressful because I allow myself some room for imperfections.  90% of the time I’m on point with taking care of my body/mind while the other 10% is left to goof off.  I highly recommend this to everyone.  Most of the time take good care of your body:  Feed it right, unwind at some point of each day, take deep breaths whenever you think of it, laugh a lot, smile and say hello to everyone you encounter, treat yourself, chew your food, enjoy your workouts, celebrate the blessings in your life!  And then, a few times a week give yourself some room to just say, “F-it.”  HAHA!  I’m serious though.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes.  We all have our struggles, it’s a part of being human.  Lighten your attitude, know that you can’t be perfect and just do the best you can each & every day!

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