I lost my FitBit & feel lost without it.


I’ve had my FitBit for a few years now – the little clip on one that displays my steps and other fun information at the push of a button. I’ve put the thing through the washer, the dryer, left it in all sorts of places over the years but it’s official…I’ve lost it. I think it worked its way off of my pants the other day and must have fell off somewhere. I’ve felt completely LOST without it!

I went for a walk outside the other morning (without it) and actually cut the walk short because I had no motivation about halfway into after having no idea how many steps I was walking. My workouts and physical activity has completely declined. I’m being totally serious right now!

I got to thinking, why am I so bummed over this? What is it about this tiny little gadget that keeps me striving to move each day?  Is it just a pure habit that I’ve developed over the years of relying on it, or is it the checking of steps throughout the day that keeps me striving to move more? Either way it got me thinking about my personality and lifestyle habits.

I had recently heard an excellent interview with Gretchen Rubin, and she’s got a really cool quiz on her website about The Four Tendencies that we have as individuals.  Basically it’s a tool to understand your habits, then change them according to what will best suite you in order to change your life! I hopped on to give it a whirl to find out that I’m an “upholder.” By signing up for her email list you can get a report sent to your inbox of the description of your tendency. I found it really interesting and insightful into why I do the things I do. Whichever tendency you get is neither good or bad, it’s just who you are!

Long story longer, I now understand that I do really well with monitoring progress…hence the reason why I am so painfully attached to my lost little FitBit!

DISCLAIMER: Even though I love and adore my FitBit, please know that I ONLY connect to my bluetooth maybe once every 1-2 weeks, and only for a few moments for my FitBit to sync with my phone to update my stats. I in NO way shape or form encourage the use of bluetooth for extended periods of time, or wifi for that matter. There is SO much electronic pollution that we’re exposed to so I am sure to keep mine to a minimum…which is hard to do. Please be sure to limit your bluetooth use, and wifi (shut off before bed each night) to reduce those invisible waves floating through the air and space so close to your precious body.

UPDATE: A week later I found the little sucker…in my bath robe pocket!  Sheesh!  So happy to have it back.

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