Metagenics: High Quality Nutraceuticals and Medical Foods

Ever find yourself in the vitamin section of the grocery store looking for something, but there is just too much to choose from and you aren’t sure exactly what to get, or what dosage, or what brand? It can be really confusing. And the sad part is, most brands cannot be trusted.

From mixing the ingredients to sealing the bottles, Metagenics quality assurance team oversees every step of the manufacturing process, verifying the efficacy, safety, and dependability of their products. Metagenics leads the industry in its commitment to product quality with a team of highly trained specialists (numerous PhDs and Masters) devoted entirely to assuring the quality of each and every batch of product.

I’m proud to say that I’m a Metagenics representative and sell their high quality products through my health counseling practice, Center Your Health. If you are need of a certain supplement or are unsure of what kinds of supplements you need to be taking, contact me! We can discuss together what will be best for you and you can order what you need through me.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge supporter of obtaining the vitamins and nutrients you need from its natural source (I’ll ALWAYS suggest food first), but do understand that there are times you may need to supplement and/or play it safe. That’s why if you are going to be taking any vitamins, they should be of the highest quality so that you are getting your money’s worth and are absorbing all of their benefits.

You will receive Center Your Health’s discounted prices for any supplements you purchase, I promise!

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