Milk Alternatives

I love how this Trader Joe’s carton is labeled as an almond “beverage” – because that’s exactly what it is and what plant-based milks are. They’re actually just expensive flavored water loaded with additives, preservatives and sugars that you normally wouldn’t get from making your own at home. Speaking of which, it’s actually really easy to make your own, check out my recipe for homemade almond milk. But for me, it’s not on my priority list since the actual health benefits are not as nutrient dense as they are made out to be (think of those new Silk commercials selling almond milk and how “loaded with calcium it is”…rolling my eyes). Almonds are very high in omega-6s, so we want to enjoy them and almond milk in moderation.

Listen to my podcast about plant-based milk alternatives (especially beneficial for children) and decide which milk products are best for you.

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