My Favorite Brand of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

kasandrinos_bundle__81338.1423955874.350.350We all know the secret to why the Mediterranean diet is so healthy – olive oil! But not just any olive oil. When it comes to oils, things can get confusing because of how they’re processed, packaged and bottled/shipped from. This results in cheap, poor quality, harmful oils that we think are healthy for us…when they’re not.

After a long search of researching and testing an array of different olive oils I finally found my brand.


Every batch of their Greek organic  extra virgin olive oil is sent for chemical analysis to test quality. If you’re into olive oil like I am, you’ll appreciate their quality and most importantly their taste! Kasandrinos is always running specials on their products, too. I love giving bottles of their oil for gifts to other foodies!  I seriously drizzle this on wherever I can at meal time. Check them out, for sure!



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