Purse Must-Haves

As a holistic health nerd, I never leave the house without a few must-haves in my purse each day:

1.  Chapstick or lip gloss:   I’ll be the first one to admit…my name is Lauren and I’m addicted to chapstick.  Not Chapstick the brand (they need some serious work on their product ingredients before they get my stamp of approval) but any cruelty-free and natural ingredient lip balms.  Lip gloss is a staple just in case I have to be fancy and shimmer a bit!

2.  Tiny jar of fennel seeds:  Just in case I’ve got a belly ache or just finished a big meal, I have some fennel seeds to relax my stomach.  They also help to freshen your breath!

3.  Stick of lavender:  My life can get hectic and when it does I remember to take out my stick of lavender and take a few deep breaths.  It instantly calms me.  I also use it to relax my student’s shoulders at the end of my yoga class so that they can further enjoy their relaxation.

4.  Rescue Remedy:  You’ll never catch me without my little spray bottle of this.  Any feelings of anxiety can be quickly erased by just a few sprays on the tongue.  I swear by this.

5.  Mini-Lara Bar or snack:  Being on the go so often I rarely know when I’ll have time for my next meal, so it’s important that I have something to nosh on to be safe.  I have a tiny Klean Kanteen bottle of water in my bag at all times, with a mini-Lara Bar (you can buy a box at Target!), a bag of nuts/seeds/berries, or a fresh piece of fruit.  Yum!
What are staples in your bag/pockets or purse?

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