Redesigning the Dr.’s Office

Too bad I don’t have a picture of Dr. Lightman’s waiting room,
it would be A LOT cooler than this one…

When I was growing up, my whole family and I used to go to Dr. Lightman, my Grandad’s friend (they knew each other from practicing medicine in the same area, my granddad was a Dr. in my hometown).  Dr. Lightman was our eye doctor and the most interesting, well-traveled man.  His tiny little office was covered from floor to ceiling (when I say this I mean the floor and the ceiling were covered!) in interesting, shimmery, colorful artifacts & photographs from ALL over the world.  Not a single space on the wall was available for another trinket.  It was to the point where the chairs you could sit on while waiting were covered in photographs, quotes, and stones glued on and labeled exactly where they were from.  It was SO NEAT!!!  After waiting in that room (which you NEVER cared about how long the wait was because there was so much to look at), he’d call you into his dimly lit office which was warm and comfortable for your exam.  That is the only Dr.’s office that comes to mind when I think about a comfortable (and super cool) one that I actually never minded going to, no matter what was going on.  I’ve been to a few others that were semi-comfortable…but most still have those bland walls with scientific illustrations framed on the walls and that sterile smell to them.

This brings me to the question:  Have you ever been to a doctor’s office that you actually felt comfortable in?  

If I could redesign a doctor’s office I’d paint the walls with warm and rich colors.  I’d have inviting couches, love-seats and bean bag chairs with fluffy, textured pillows.  The waiting room would be dimly lit and have soothing music playing to give patients a sense of relaxation.  Magazines, inspirational readings and brain games would be on the side tables to pass the time.  A station for hot herbal tea and (naturally) flavored water would be complimentary in the room.  Plants would flourish near each window allowing the air to be fresh and clean.

The actual exam rooms would be almost like a massage room in a spa – soft lights, soothing sounds, cozy, etc.  Basically the most comfortable rooms you could imagine to allow you to relax and feel safe to open up with your doctor.  Even just thinking about it sounds nice, right?!

How would you re-design a doctor’s office?

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