Take a Full Moon Bath

Each month, I practice a full moon meditation on the night of the full moon through my lineage of yoga. (See sample meditation here). Luckily, during the warmer months, I can enjoy these meditations on the Jersey shore just minutes from my apartment, facing the sea with the bright light of the moon reflecting beautifully over the water and onto my skin.
The full moon is a powerful time each month. The day of, before and after the full moon is a time to attract love, abundance, creativity and positive energy. Just as the sun has it’s healing energy, so does the moon. Moonbathing is just as important as sun bathing. The benefits derived from moonbathing are equally important, however, there is not a single defect in a moonbath to my knowledge (as there is with having too much sun). Moonlight is reflected light of the sunlight absorbed by the moon and showered onto Earth. This cooling light should be bathed in from 8:00pm till the wee hours as you please, retiring right to bed after.
I encourage you to step outside and bathe under the full moon’s healing light even if only for a few minutes. Breathe deep, reflect, and allow yourself to soak up the magic.
May the Guru spirit and the Guru’s Grace shine for you, within you, like the cool mind-settling light of the full moon.” -Swami Veda Bharati

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