Workout Routine Cards

Being organized makes my mind happy.  
Working out makes my body happy.
Lately I’ve felt flustered before working out.  There is so much to do that when I’m dressed and ready to go I’m swimming in a million different workout options.  I’ve got kettlebells that I can do dead lifts with, or swings, or prayer squats, or sit ups with, etc.  I can do lunges, or lunge side to side, or lunge with weights, or lunge with a press, etc.  It’s endless!
The other day I took some time to write out a bunch of exercises.  I choose some colorful index cards and started creating workouts from there.  The best part, they’re quick to blast through so I can do them with the timer on my phone and be done before I’m tired of it all!
Working out doesn’t have to be long…they can be short, quick, sweat-fests that make you feel great for the rest of the day, or sore the next!  I encourage you to put together a few of your own routines.  If you need help, shoot me a message, I now have many!

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