1st International Day of Yoga

logo-enHow cool is this? Soon after Mr. Narendra Modi was elected Prime Minister of India he addressed the United Nations and proposed that there should be an International Yoga Day. 175 nations favored the proposal and now June 21st has been declared as the International Yoga Day every year – this Sunday being the FIRST! I’m thrilled to see my lineage of yoga the Himalayan tradition), as well as many other traditional schools of yoga in India as their members who support this exciting day. Please do check out the website as it’s loaded with amazing information on yoga and it’s benefits.

Many of you already know from being yoga students of mine, I’m VERY passionate about reminding everyone how yoga is not just about the asanas (poses). It’s about slowing down, tuning into the silence within, honoring your body and practicing yoga both on and off the mat. This Sunday, I hope that you practice yoga at some point but it doesn’t have to be the way that we think of it here in the west (sporting our latest Lululemon gear on our expensive mats, powering through a sweaty class):

* It can be a few minutes of you just sitting in meditation.
* Or it can be you enjoying a meal in silence, focusing on every bite, chewing as many times as possible.
* It can be a technology-free day where you take a day off from emails, your tablet, TV or heaven forbid your phone!
* Maybe it’s a few moments of your day where you say a silent prayer of gratitude for all of the blessings that surround you.
* Even better, a prayer for someone else who needs a little love.
* Perhaps it’s forgiving someone in your life that has hurt you in some way, or maybe even forgiving yourself for something you’ve been holding on to.
* You can focus on your breath, smile, and pay attention while someone else speaks to offer them the beautiful gift of listening.
* Preparing a love-filled meal or baking for someone who is having a hard time right now, or maybe just cause!

You see, there are many other ways of practicing yoga other than just the physical practice. You’re probably practicing it so much already but had no idea!  Start to take notice of all of the kind things you already do and remember this is your yoga practice. Or perhaps, brainstorm some ideas of how you can incorporate more goodness into your life to serve not only yourself, but those around you.

I encourage you to celebrate yoga this Sunday. Oh, and for all the daddy’s out there, have a Happy Father’s Day!

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