Aha Crafted Leather Earring Giveaway!

You may or may not have seen me on Aha Crafted website or social media pages. I’m the official Aha model because I absolutely ADORE their jewelry! I also adore Heidi and Jamie, the founders of this beautiful jewelry line.

Heidi and I met years ago and with so much in common, we instantly became friends. She’s been such an inspiring person in my life for so many reasons. Heidi is one of the sweetest and most pleasant person I know. She’s always smiling and/or seeing the good in things. Venting to her is always helpful, as her feedback is always enlightening in some way. Heidi is not only one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever met, but her everyday style is head turning! Her ability to put outfits together is so impressive. I just love how she is always putting her creativity to great use and making things that express who she is…perfect example – Aha Crafted! We seem to share mutual love towards one another, because she mentions how I helped her with her health in her Aha blog post here.

I’m thrilled to be teaming up with Heidi and Jamie on this GIVEAWAY! To enter visit either Aha Crafted’s Instagram or Lauren Groga.yoga’s Instagram. We’re giving away a pair of Aha leather earrings (of the winner’s choice!) along with a 2-page PDF of my Foundations of Nutrition including all of my best tips on eating clean and living a healthy lifestyle!

In the image below, I’m wearing Gemstone “Desert Daughter” leather earrings in size: short.

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