Fed Up Movie

Have you seen the movie Fed Up yet? It’s the documentary that the food industry is hoping that we miss, but I encourage you to watch it.

2014-05-07-FedUpPoster2 It emphasizes how much SUGAR is in the Standard American Diet (aka the SAD diet) and how it’s destroying our health and, more importantly, our children’s. It shows how dangerous and addictive the processed foods in our supermarkets  are and all the reasons for America’s rising obesity epidemic. It calls out Michelle Obama’s anti-obseity initiative and how, although it’s with good intentions, it’s not quite right. I am thrilled they pointed a finger at her (over and over again in the film), hopefully it will get her attention and have her change her course of action. The whole concept of “eat less, exercise more” is very old and false news.

I was fortunate to watch this with my parents. They found it very enlightening. A few days later I suggested a food product to my father and he grabbed it out of my hand to inquire how much sugar was in one serving. I was so impressed!

You can rent this documentary on iTunes or Amazon Prime for $4.99 or can buy your own copy on DVD online.

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