My Phun New Years Weekend!

HAPPY 2011!!!!

Due to the lack of nothing going on the past decade of New Years eve’s for me, I decided to go all out and spend a long weekend in NYC to celebrate and go all out. First, I attended my good friend’s wedding which was filled with smiles and love, such a nice time! It’s always so nice to see two people genuinely be happy together. Sparks were surrounding them each time they would look at each other throughout the night. New Years Eve my best friend from college and I attended a yoga class at Laughing Lotus and then enjoyed a kirtan with the amazing Bhagavan Das. There is nothing more powerful than chanting with others, especially to ring in the New Year!!! Then I spent the first night of 2011 at MSG enjoying my favorite live band, Phish. It was a fantastic show and a great way to kick off the New Year! Above is Phish’s performance right before the ball dropped, and is the perfect example of why I love them SO much!!! Phish shows radiate amazing energy and that’s what keeps me continuously going back for more. I can never get enough of those guys. Take a moment and see for yourself. They rock my world!!!!!!!

I hope you enjoyed your New Years!

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