Our Hawaiian Honeymoon

Lammer and I enjoyed our honeymoon in Hawaii right after our wedding weekend. It was PERFECT. Here are a few highlights of our trip. Of course, lots of food stuff too since it’s my life!

LIVE Kombucha Root Beer flavored was such a treat with Mary’s Gone Crackers that is FINALLY soy-free!


We found a a large patch of rocks in the shape of a huge heart on the beach in Kauai, how fitting!


Fresh, colorful produce was everywhere in Hawaii. Juice and shake stands too!


After a beautiful morning of yoga in Hanalei Bay I walked across the street to grab a cinnamon watermelon juice. It matched my pants and was incredibly delicious!


So Hawaii is HUGE with serving grass-fed animals. Most restaurants were very proud to offer it from local farmers. AWESOME!


It was so comforting to see how outraged the people of Hawaii are about GMOs. Sings like this were all over including “GMO-Free Zones,” “No GMOs Allowed Here,” “GMO-Free Animal Feed,” etc. So much information was at every supermarket we went to, not just the health food stores, about how dangerous they are. Right up my alley!  Unfortunately I learned that Monsanto has taken over much of Molokai (another small Hawaiian island) for their GMO testing. The run off from their testing is destroying Hawaii’s breathtaking reefs. Grrrr.


An afternoon snack: A glass of home-brewed and local kombucha (we had a hook-up!) with sliced apple and cinnamon while reading The Way of the Peaceful Warrior.


One of the many delicious breakfasts that Lammer made for me. He’s such a great cook!


And then after one of his healthy breakfasts I would eat a little ice cream. Can you even believe it?! So not like me. I didn’t hold back at all…and it felt awesome. I had some of the only store-bought ice cream I’d ever eat (I enjoy making my own at home) – Coconut Bliss.


Wearing a flower in your hair is a MUST in Hawaii each day. Beautiful Molokai is behind me while we were staying in Napili Bay, Maui.


We spent the afternoon/sunset playing the plantation course at the gorgeous Kapalua golf course in Maui. Well, Lammer played while I enjoyed driving the little golf cart around!


Vodka/pineapple with a pretty, fresh orchid. Yes, please!


Lammer used to live in Maui way back when, so he loves talking to the locals to catch up on all he’s missed since he’s left. We stopped at a tiny stand on the side of the road and met the sweetest Hawaiian couple. Lammer and him of course knew lots of the same people (Lammer knows everyone!) and he cut us a ripe papaya with some banana to munch on while we enjoyed the view of the Pacific.


Pretty much the staple of my everyday foods in Hawaii. Guava kombucha & chocolate walnut brownie ice cream. Heaven!


Moments before we loaded the car up to catch our plane home…I HAD to finish the last few bites of my ice cream – HA!
We flew in a private, 2-seater, open cockpit plane over Kauai!


Us.  =)


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