Phanfood Recipe Publication

Many of you already know, I LOVE PHISH! Please read below about Phanfood, a book just published with one of my recipes in it. It featured one of my quinoa recipes, Slave to the Quinoa Salad. (Listen to Slave to the Traffic Light, the song its referring to, from 3/8/09).  Terra, from 3 Healthy Chicks, who is also a longtime phan, has a slammin’ recipe featured in the book as well. The creators, Taraleigh & Pete are two super cool phans themselves with whom I feel so lucky to have connected with. Holla at me if you would like the recipe!!!

About PhanFood:
Phish fans have a history of creativity that follows them wherever they go – at shows, on the road, in the lots, and in between shows. And somewhere in there, we all find the time to eat like champs and enjoy the gifts of the earth around us! With that in mind, a cookbook is being created to share the collective recipes that we have all made and shared in our travels following the greatest touring band.

PhanFood will feature appetizers, salads, soups, sandwiches, entrees, desserts, drinks (with and without alcohol) and a variety of other concoctions that Phish fans enjoy while they are in the lots, at the site, or just sitting at home waiting for the next tour to be announced.

Keeping in step with the Phish community’s efforts to give back to the areas from where they come, PhanFood is a wholly non-profit endeavor, with all net profits being donated to regional food banks in the cities where Phish plays each tour.

PhanFood is the brain child of Taraleigh Silberberg (The Healthy Hippie, Burlington, VT) and created with Pete Mason (Author of Phanart: The Art of the Phans of Phish, Albany, NY). Our goal is to benefit the Phish community and to give back to the communities we visit as we follow Phish to the next great show!

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