Sean’s Spicy Curry Shrimp with Veggies

My brother’s friend, Sean, posted a picture of this recipe on Facebook the other day and I insisted that he pass it along my way.  If you’re a veggie like me, you can leave out the shrimp and perhaps add in some beans or firm-cubed tofu.  Below is his description, the recipe and a little bit more about him!  ENJOY-

Classic one-pot wonder: Sean’s spicy curry shrimp with veg’s
This recipe was literally born out of the union of parts of my friend’s red curry dish she makes, ingredients I found on the back of the Thai Kitchen can and the fact that squash and broccoli slaw were the only veggies I had left before my next grocery run. Many people would serve this type of dish over a bed of rice, or a pile of grains as I call it, but I challenge you to enjoy it as is.

About 1/2 or more of a julienned sliced onion
A bunch of shrimp, peeled and deveined, of course
2 tablespoons, or so, of red curry paste
1 can of coconut milk (unsweetened, unpressed, I like Thai Kitchen brand)
2 sliced or cubed small fresh yellow squash
1/2 bag, or more of Dole Broccoli slaw
Sea salt and cracked black pepper to taste

1. Slice and dice your squash and onions
2. Clean up, or unthaw your shrimps
3. Toss them, along with the broccoli slaw, into a large sauté pan, or medium-sized pot
4. Let the veggies soften up pretty good, then toss in the shrimp, coconut milk and red curry paste
5. Add salt and pepper if you are feelin’ frisky
6. Cook until shrimp is an opaque pinkish-white, veggies are to your liking and the smell of coconut curry fills the kitchen

Note: If you want to make more, just add more of everything and keep tasting. It’s not a measurement-specific kind of dish.

Being a bachelor and follower of the Paleo diet, I tend to make a ton of these one-pot wonders for myself. I like throwing my favorite flavors, veggies and proteins together and hoping an edible dish magically appears. I aim to get 3-5 meals out of one recipe to save time and avoid having to eat out for lunch the next day.

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