Watch More Sunsets

When I was living in New Paltz going to college, a friend and I used to “chase the sunset.” When our schedule permitted, we hopped into the car and drove up into the mountains to watch and watch the sunset. We made this a regular habit for a while and there were nights where we’d literally have to chase the sunset, and just find any nook to catch it’s last light.
This was a BEAUTIFUL habit.
Now, lets be honest here. That time of my life was not a healthy time. At all. However, I still remember a shift in myself during that time where we were on this kick. It made me slow down and reflect on the day that was just about to pass. It made me feel more gratitude for what I had. It also was just so relaxing.
I miss my irresponsible college days where I actually had the time to do this practice. However, I do make it a point to enjoy sunsets whenever possible (which is a rarity but still!). Or if I’m at home and notice the sky is a gorgeous color, I’ll take a moment to walk outside to check it out. I especially make sure to watch a few sunsets while I’m away on vacation. So good for our souls!!!

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