Big NO to Prenatal Glucose Test

IMG_8886At my last (prenatal) doctor’s visit the nurse handed me a bright orange glucose drink & said to drink it and go get blood work done. The drink was wrapped in a note from the doctors office so I couldn’t see what was in it so I asked her (since it was High-C orange)…she had no idea, but she assured me that it was fine.


While waiting for the doctor I tore off the paper only to read that this drink contained artificial sugar, soybean oil, genetically modified ingredients, natural flavorings, food dye & preservatives.

Umm, no. Ain’t nobody making me & my baby drink crap like that!

When the doctor came in I told her how drinking this was NOT an option (because of the above reasons). She paused for a moment (apparently no one has ever brought these unhealthy ingredients to her attention?), but luckily she was more than willing to work with me. She told me that I could go buy drug-store brand jelly beans & eat a certain amount of those instead of the drink. I looked at her confused & mentioned how I’d still be faced with the same issues ingredient-wise (she didn’t know how to respond) – so I assured her that I would take care of it and get a “healthier” brand of jelly beans out there to do the test with. Even though eating these Surfsweets jellybeans was a total sugar bomb for my system – they were such a treat! Free of artificial colors/flavors, corn syrup, gluten, soy, dairy, & GMOs…now that’s something my peanut & I can get down with. (Throws poison glucose drink in the trash)

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