Relax, NOW.

This past weekend I was away in beautiful Key West with my bridal party for my bachelorette weekend. The week leading up to it, I was uber stressed, overwhelmed and ready for vacation. I kept saying, “Soon I’ll be on a beach, under the sun and I’ll be totally relaxed.” The morning I left for the trip I was up at 4am to leave for a stressful drive to JFK…parked the car, checked in, you know, all the annoying things you have to go through at an airport. I was sitting there at the gate with a cup of tea and my magazine, surrounded by my awesome little bridal party and I caught myself saying it again, “Soon I’ll be on a beach, under the sun and I’ll be totally relaxed.”
Then I realized how silly I sounded.
What was holding me back at that very moment to feel relaxed?  I was under no stress what-so-ever. Although going through the motions at an airport aren’t the ideal situation of relaxation, I still could have made that moment a one of ease. All I needed to do was change my mind set.
As soon as I realized this, my attitude changed. I was able to go into my weekend with a totally new outlook. I did end up enjoying the weekend even more than I had hoped because I was able to incorporate relaxation into moments where it normally wouldn’t be associated with. It gave me a whole new perspective!
Relax, NOW.

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