“Releasing” Weight

New mantra: I release my weight, 
I release my weight…
We can’t pick up a magazine or even get through an hour of news on TV without something being said about WEIGHT LOSS.  I am eager to read the new book by Deb Cheslow and Angie Flynn, Release: The Simple Success Solution for Real and Permanent Weight Loss.  It goes into depth about how the achievement of our goals depends on the state of our self-image.  In other words, you can force it all you want but the self-image always wins. Self-sabotage is rooted in the incongruency between the self-image and our goals.  I totally love the concept that they introduce about the actual words, weight loss.  
Think about this:  When you lose something, what is your first reaction?  To FIND it!  So all this talk about weight LOSS is actually counterproductive.  All of our thoughts and the way that we think directly impact the way we live.  If we say to ourselves “I’m going to lose weight” maybe we will, but we’ll most likely put it back on because after we’ve lost it, our body will actually search for ways to put the weight back on!  Make sense?  I thought so.
TRY THIS:  Think about the word R E L E A S E.  Ahhhh.  I often use this word while I’m teaching yoga classes because of how lovely the word is and how positively liberating it feels.  Take a moment right now.  Sit up tall and begin to deepen your breathe.  Inhale deeply and as you exhale silently say to yourself, “RELEASE.”  Do this slowly, for a good 3-5 breaths…

How does that feel?  Good, right?!  You may feel more relaxed or even lighter.  You’ve just let go of something through the powerful use of that word, RELEASE!
Now every time I catch my mind saying, “I’m going to lose weight this bikini season” I quickly change the thought to “I release weight to look slammin’ in my bikini this summer!”  I confidently repeat it a few more times with a smile on my face and instantly feel awesome!  I also replace any negative thoughts about my body image with a few positive ones (but that’s a whole other blog post in and of itself!).  I encourage you to give it a try sometime.

Check out their book, Release, when you have a chance and give yourself some love today!!
This blog post was originally posted on Live. Breathe. Grow.‘s blog. I’m an Inspiration Nation blogger for them, and so proud of it!

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