Simple Mills (Gluten Free) PIZZA

When Heather took her nap today we went to the kitchen and made Simple Mills pizza dough and Hanley covered it with pizza sauce and shredded goats cheese. I was so proud of him, it came out amazing! Such a fun activity to keep us busy. When Heather got up and saw us eating she pointed at it and definitely wanted in. It was her first pizza and a great one at that!

Most gluten free pizza is ehhh in my opinion. It’s more often miss than hit. And the ingredients in most disgust me (yea, even the cauliflower ones). But NEVER with Simple Mills. Especially the fact that it’s made with only 8 recognizable ingredients. *However, crank the oven to 400 degrees (rather than 350 as stated in package) and let crust cook a few more minutes longer than recommended. Trust me, this makes it a perfect piece of pizza that you can pick up and eat (my GF people, you understand the struggle). I’ve been making it for years and swear by it. ENJOY!

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