Social media for health advocates, yes please!

Social media is a wonderful way to spread the word of wellness!  I can think of endless amounts of tips, tricks and recipes that I’ve been inspired by from a simple post on Facebook by a fellow Health Coach or even just someone hip on health.  Not to mention some of the top doctors in the holistic health field sharing some of their information to educate others.  I enjoy seeing my friends “like” and comment on health/wellness posts that have interested them.  The whole social media craze allows so many of us to be exposed to things we normally wouldn’t, and I think it’s great to be exposed to things like “the benefits of drinking green juice!”  A wellness related status update per day, an informative image, a delicious recipe or a quick tip is all that needs to go into your status bar to make a major difference in your friend’s newsfeeds.
Do you post wellness/health related status updates? 
If so, what are the reactions from your friends?
As you can see from the post above, a quick snapshot of the brown rice pasta was able to intrigue a friend of Center Your Health enough to inquire about cooking GF pasta (the conversation continued beyond what I could include in this image).  Now someone learned helpful (and healthy) information that they can take and implement into their cooking habits.  Score!

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