Three of my favorite (healthy) things.

I’ve never been a big fan of taking tons of vitamins and supplements each day. It’s just not fun. Although there are some crucial ones that I make sure to keep in my normal routine, there are some that I cheat on…and theses are three of my favorite ones. Teehee.


MAGNESIUM. Did you know that magnesium is an essential mineral that our bodies need?  Magnesium deficiencies are all too common these days and come with a laundry list of symptoms…look at what Dr. Mercola reveals.
– Strengthens bones (prevents osteoporosis)
– Promotes restful sleep
– Supports a healthy immune system
– Retains normal blood pressure & blood sugar
– Provides relief from PMS symptoms (weight gain, breast soreness & bloating)
– Enhances circulation
– Relieves migraine headaches
– Encourages elimination (eases constipation)
– Promotes muscle relaxation (soothes sore muscles)
– Maintains normal muscle & nerve function
– Promotes heart health & a steady heart beat
Magnesium rich foods include dark leafy greens, sea vegetables, dark chocolate (opt for at least 70% or higher), or almonds.
MAGNESIUM CHEAT: But sometimes when we need to supplement with more than just food, I opt for magnesium oil. Magnesium oil is a great product to have in the house to spray on sore muscles, massage into soles of feet before bed to promote relaxation and restful sleep (works for kiddies, too!), or to rub onto your tummy if you’ve got some digestive upset (particularly constipation). Either way, I spray it onto my body every day. Applying it topically to the skin is the most effective option when it comes to absorbing magnesium. To me, it’s easy and quick. Another great trick is to use Epsom salts. I either throw them into a tub to enjoy a bath with them (and maybe a little lavender), or add them into a small foot bath to soak my feet in before bed. So soothing and full of relief.

 Another essential nutrient for our health is zinc. We all need it to survive. Unfortunately since our soil is so depleted of goodness these days, half of the world’s crops are deficient in zinc leaving US deficient in it!  Mercola can explain again.

– Reduces severity & duration of illness
– Reduces need for antibiotics
– Aids in digestion, fertility, vision, tissue repair
– Balances blood sugar
– Aids in preventing hair loss
– Promotes wound healing
– Boosts immunity
– Keeps nails strong & healthy
– Prevents & reduces acne breakouts

Zinc rich foods include oysters, pumpkin seeds, spinach, whole eggs, dark chocolate (again, the real kind, not the stuff under 70% or less!), lamb, lentils, pecans, peas, sea vegetables, hemp seeds, cashews, chick peas and sesame seeds.

ZINC CHEAT: A yummy way that I cheat with getting some zinc in is enjoying a zinc lozenge. I particularly only enjoy Zand because I find it to leave less of a coating in my mouth like other zinc lozenges do. And I like that these are sweetened gently with some brown rice syrup and not an artificial sweetener. They come in a variety of flavors, elderberry just is my favorite!



SELENIUM. Another one of those important dietary minerals that we need, but we require only a small amount in our diet, which makes it easy!  Even though whenreading the list of selenium rich foods below it may seem like an easy mineral to obtain through your diet, it always comes back to the quality of those foods – the quality of the soil and/or quality of feed that animals were fed. Mercola explains deficiencies and how it can help to protect you from cancer.

– Fight free radicals
– Boost immune system
– Aids in protection against breast & prostate cancer (as well as others!)
– Prevents blood clotting & helps protect from heart disease
– Essential for thyroid gland function

Selenium rich foods include nuts & seeds, liver, fish and seafood (tuna, shrimp, sardines, clams, salmon, cod, scallops), lamb, chicken and beef.

SELENIUM CHEAT: To make sure that I get my selenium in each day I keep a jar of Brazil nuts in my fridge (all nuts/seeds should be stored in fridge) right where I can see it when I open the door. At some point during the day I make sure to just grab 2-3. Sometimes I’ll add them to my homemade trail mix or throw them into a shake (can’t taste!). Not only do Brazil nuts contain just enough selenium your body needs for the day, but they’re densely packed with other minerals (calcium, iron, copper, potassium). They’re the healthy kind of fat that your body thrives on (and that help to lower cholesterol), and are an anti-inflammatory. Love them!

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