Don’t forget to savasana

If you’re a regular in my yoga classes, you’ve heard me say this time and time again… savasana is THE MOST important pose in your yoga practice!  It’s also the hardest because most of us (if not all of us) have such a hard time letting go.
Here in the West we’ve taken yoga to a very different place.  There’s loads of “power” yoga classes, challenging yoga in gyms (with little to no spiritual aspect), and way to much ego-driven desires to get into certain poses.  It’s a shame, because that is SO far from what yoga is.
The relaxation aspect of yoga is crucial.  It’s a major part of such a beautiful practice.  It’s important to rest and relax throughout your yoga practice, in between poses so that your body can soak up all of the benefits.  Savasana is the climax to your yoga practice!
It warms my heart to see my students melt into their mats at the end of class.  It’s also a great reminder for me, as a teacher, to practice more savasana!

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