Our true nature = peace, love, joy.

I recently had the pleasure of taking an online meditation class with a dear teacher, John E. Welshons, or “Ramananda.” It was an evening of calm, deep connection, and insightful conversation. The topic was “our center” –  the most natural and real part of us. Ramananda went on to discuss how the demands of our confused and stressed culture today are contributing to us losing our connection with it (our center). He reminded us how yoga and meditation are the most worth while activities we can do to keep this connection alive and attainable.

The whole conversation brought me back to  the topic of a previous meditation class I had with him back in September of 2020, during the heart of the pandemic. I had snuck out of my house and into my parked car in the driveway with my iPad for some much needed time for connection with others, and for reconnection with myself. Ramananda said something that night that rocked my world, and that continues to to this day! It’s something I continually remind myself of, as well as my students and clients, because it is just oh-so important. His (almost) exact words were,

“We are living at a level of stress and intensity that we were not designed for. Our true nature is peace, love, joy. To get there we must quiet, or find calm each day through meditation.”

In today’s over-saturated online world of inspiring quotes, articles or reels, this just takes the cake. And again, in today’s over-marketing of every product to use, supplement to take, or latest book to read on ways to help you out of your slump, this just trumps them all. It reminds us that all we need or are searching for (for relief) is within us. If we make the effort to pause, turn inward, notice/feel, and reconnect with our true Self, it’s the most healthy, wholesome, and effective form of healing we can do for our souls.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Ramananda, for this deep yogic wisdom that continues to keep leading me back to my true nature – my center.


onesoulonelove.com is the website for Ramananda John E. Welshons where you can view his schedule – including all his classes and personal appearances. You can follow him on Facebook for more information, too.

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