Stay Positive & Smile

Last week I had a meeting, and it did NOT go as I had planned. After it I felt aggravated, negative and just plain uncomfortable. I was angry and snippy with my coworkers. Yuck…
The week after we had a follow-up meeting and I was determined for it to be much more successful than the last. I grabbed a sticky note and wrote stay POSITIVE and smile. I had pages of notes but I stuck it dead center on the top page to keep me focused and centered throughout it.
I took a few breaths, smiled, then called in for our meeting. About 45 minutes later I hung up the phone AMAZED by how incredibly well the meeting went. After creating that intention I was able to carry out that meeting even better than I had hoped. What a valuable lesson learned! Great for work, spouses, friends, anything really. Give it a try!


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