March 7 – 8th was National Day of Unplugging. Totally love the idea and what it’s all about…but I can’t sit here and said I did it! Sigh…
It’s hard to unplug! Isn’t it?
However, this made me reflect on how much I am dependent on my technological gadgets and allowed me to create some new goals moving forward. They may be small goals, but they’re pretty big overall…if I do them!
Small steps to unplug on a regular basis:
1. No more walking and fiddling with my phone. Whether I’m texting, Instagraming or checking emails I need to stand up straight and walk.
2. Once I get home from work I’m no longer allowed to use my computer. Or, if I’m working from home that day, no more computer use after 6pm. Very limited computer use over weekend, too!
3. iPad use in bed is only allowed a few times a month, if that, and only for watching a movie or doing something enjoyable (not checking emails).  
4. Shut wifi and bluetooth off on phone/iPad if they’re near my bedside. This is a must and something I do consistently. 
5. Very little to no TV before bed. I may catch a show or two after dinner, but I enjoy dimming the lights and having a quiet house before it’s sleepy time. 
Have you made any gadget goals that help you unplug from technology?  Please share-

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