Importance of Unplugging

The first week of March is the National Day of Unplugging, which is usually celebrated by staying offline for a few days.
It’s hard to unplug! Close to impossible for most because of our intense and serious addictions that we have to our devices. But have you tried it? Anytime I have it’s made me reflect on how much I am dependent on my technological gadgets. Having that space from them allowed me to create new goals moving forward. They may be small goals, but they’re pretty big overall. Not only do I want to have a healthy relationship with my devices, but I want to model that behavior for my children so that they don’t grow up thinking that devices are the end all/be all.
Small steps to unplug on a regular basis:
1. No more walking and fiddling with my phone. Whether I’m texting, Instagraming or checking emails I need to stand up straight and just walk. Better yet, roll my shoulders back and lift my head and eyes up to the beautiful sky above instead of down at a device. 
2. Only purposeful notifications allowed on my phone (usually just texts and missed phone calls). Otherwise, email notifications, especially social media notifications are always turned completely OFF. 
3. My apps are neatly organized so that I’m utilizing them for their purpose. I keep all social media outlets in a “use moderately” folder that I have to open to get to the actual apps. The title of that folder as I open it gives me a moment of pause to wonder if it’s really important to visit a social media outlet, or can be my reminder to hop on/off quickly.  
4. At the end of the day, devices are to be put on airplane mode, especially if they’re near my bedside. This is a must. 
5. Limiting time on social media. When I catch myself mindlessly scrolling, I hop right off because it’s easy to waste SO much precious time. Also, when I’m compelled to engage on a post somewhere, I take a moment and ask myself if it’s really necessary for me to say what I need to say. Most importantly, I ask myself if it’s kind. If its not necessary or kind for me to share my thoughts, I usually don’t take time out of my day to be a part of the post. 
Have you made any gadget goals that help you unplug from technology?
After having my (original) Facebook page hacked, then seeing the documentary The Social Dilemma, I had a serious epiphany with my phone and social media. I turn regularly to the Center for Humane Technology for advice, wisdom and support in this current digital age.

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