5 Winter Wellness Ways to Create Health

I post this image every fall on my Instagram page and it’s my most “liked” post EVER!

When the cold weather is upon us, we tend to label this time of year as the “flu season.” Believe it or not, the flu is not a season! It’s an inability to adapt due to decreased sun exposure and water intake, combined with increased sugar intake and stress. Think about it; since it’s cold out you’re less likely to spend as much time out and about in the health-provoking sunshine and less inclined to drink as much water when you’re not sweating all day long from the heat.

Halloween kick’s off that sugar roller coaster that’s such a drag to be on and by the time you realize how bad it’s making you feel Thanksgiving comes with overeating and loads of irresistible desserts. The holidays following (most of December) consist of parties with alcohol, sweet treats and late nights which just further put our immune system in an exhausted and vulnerable state.

We need to create resistance. With resistance, we create health!


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