Finding Opportunities to Pause

Let’s talk about the power of the PAUSE. Not from a public speaking standpoint (although those pauses are very important!), but from a mindfulness stance. Pausing promotes relaxation, it refreshes you for hours, and it allows your nervous system a chance to regain balance from the hecticness of life. However, our society values being busy and equates it to success to such an extent that we put ourselves (and our health) at risk. There’s so much rushing around that we’re constantly trying to speed up and then we’re unable to slow down and unwind when the time comes. And when we actually do pause, there is space here we are not accustomed to. It makes us uncomfortable.

Some people want to rush past this opportunity of the pause to get to what’s next, some are anxious and shy away from the unknown. This moment, suspended in time, is crucial to slow down and observe. It’s a moment to use time wisely and check in with yourself. It’s a time for bringing in peace and compassion when the world is moving fast. It’s a miracle moment where we stop and make a wise choice.

There are endless opportunities for pause throughout each of our days. Pauses may happen during natural transitions like getting in and out of a vehicle, in between meetings or classes, while waiting on line, as you refresh your social media feed, upon waking up or just before bed. It’s about becoming aware of these pauses and turning them into an opportunity to become aware.  Notice how you feel, see if you can soften anywhere (your shoulders, your jaw, your belly), smile, take a few conscious breaths.

BREATHING EXERCISE: Pause – inhale – pause – exhale – (repeat).

Find the “pauses” throughout your day and embrace them! Move in and out of life practicing the art of looking for and exploring the pause.

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