S.T.O.P. Mindfulness Technique

This is the only image of “STOP” I had to drop in this post – I took it because the street is named after my husband’s nickname, Lammer!

If you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or anxious, the STOP mindfulness technique might help you calm down quickly. You can use it to ground yourself in times of stress and overwhelm. The “STOP” acronym stands for stop, take a breath, observe, and proceed. This four-step technique can take a minute or less:

Stop what you are doing: Press pause on your thoughts and actions.

Take a breath: Inhale and exhale deeply, paying attention to the sensation of your breath.

Observe: Your bodily sensations: What physical sensations are you feeling? Is any part of your body sore or tense? Your emotional state: What emotions are you feeling? Your mental state: What are you thinking? What assumptions or judgments are you making about yourself?

Proceed: Once you’re ready, you can continue with whatever it is that you’re doing.

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