Your body is talking to you, are you listening?

Once I fell into a groove with my routine with Hanley I got a little too excited about the fact that I could “do it all” as his mommy.

I stopped resting during his naps to get more things done.
I started watching more TV after he fell asleep at night, and I would watch until way past my bedtime (of 10pm).
I started skipping lunch and just picking on things throughout the day because I was “too busy” to make the time for a substantial, nutritious lunch. With that I also started getting lazy with taking my supplements.

No bueno.

I began waking up in a fog, so groggy and begging Hanley to just cuddle and relax in bed. That was not happening, so my mornings were exhausting. I would force myself through workouts but would be miserable during them and pooped by the end. By the time the afternoon rolled around my energy would come back, but I would get a killer headache. I kept blaming it on the weather or seasonal allergies. Even after neti-ing I would have little relief. My cravings became obscure and unlike my usual ones. I was dying for sweets, cakes and cookies all day long. I wasn’t feeling like myself and by the end of each day I was super cranky and taking it out on Hanley (not fair).

I finally took a step back and realized that my body was speaking to me each day through the symptoms that I was suffering with. A concept that I constantly bring to the attention of my clients (need to take my own advice!). Exhaustion, headaches and sweet cravings aren’t just the norm. My body was trying to get my attention and I was ignoring it, pushing through my day making excuses as to why I was feeling so crappy instead of making a change. So, I had to have an honest heart to heart with myself and come up with a plan to address what my body was truly asking for.


Taking care of ME allows me to be the best I can for my little man.

I began resting while Hanley napped again. Sometimes it’s just for a quick power nap and then I wake up and get things done, other times it’s until he wakes up. Whatever I need, I allow my body the time for rest.

I decided to commit back to my beloved bedtime of 10pm. Even though there are tons of really great shows on right now (hello Bloodline, Casual, OITHB), I need to chill from binge watching at night. This means that my bedtime routine needed to start earlier. I’ve been winding down at 9:30pm; playing soft music, diffusing a sleep oil blend, journaling, reading a book or magazine (instead of my phone or tablet). Some nights I’ll listen to a guided meditation to help me drift off to sleep.

Healthy eating is always my priority but I wasn’t putting the time into prepping enough meals for myself. Even though I was snacking on somewhat healthy things throughout the day they weren’t full, substantial meals. Just bringing a bit more thought and effort into having my own meals ready when needed fixed skipping meals right away. Now there is always something healthy to eat in my fridge for when I need nourishment.

A simple reminder on my phone buzzes each day so that I remember to take my supplements. I’m a big believer in getting your vitamins and nutrients from food, but it’s just not practical all the time. Especially for a breastfeeding mom, I need my supplements now more than ever. This is not an area I can slack on for the health of my body along with my son who I’m nourishing through my milk, so it felt great getting back on track.

Within a few days of making these changes my energy was back, my headaches were gone and my cravings weren’t as intense (sweet cravings can be from a lack of sleep). I am constantly amazed at how wise and receptive our bodies are to the way we live and how we nourish them. I encourage you to step back and have that honest heart to heart with yourself when you are suffering with symptoms. It’s not easy but it’s so important to listen and honestly figure out why you’re feeling the way you are. What are you doing or not doing each day to cause these symptoms? What are you eating or not eating? Are you hydrated? Are you rested? Are you communicating with those that you have relationships with? Are you working too much? Are you on devices or social media too often? Once you’ve addressed these basic questions, the challenge comes with making the changes in your lifestyle/diet to relieve your symptoms. If I can do it, so can you!

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