I’m a list freak. I’m a to-do list freak. I love them. They are EVERYWHERE in my life. Scattered all over my desk, all throughout my planner, crumbled up in my purse, etc. Writing things down in a list keeps me organized and on top of things. My favorite part is (physically) crossing tasks off of my to-do list with my pen, and best of all throwing out a completed list and creating a fresh one. Ahh.

{{Totally fun side-note but my husband actually proposed to me on one of my lists!!!}}

But dude, my lists never end. My ultimate goal is to always have nothing to do, but that day never comes. Life gets hectic and as much as my to-do lists help keep me grounded and focused, sometimes they stress me out!

(In walks the not-to-do list).

A few years ago (when suffering through adrenal fatigue) I started making not-to-do lists. I always find the first few tabs so simple to fill in and then the more blanks there are I have to really think hard what I need to not do! But it’s a very therapeutic exercise to try. I find it also helps me with time management. Sometimes I get into checking my phone too often or watching a few too many shows at night (instead of just reading a book or journaling).

I created this exercise along with the Self-Care Plan (FREE Download!) so that you could benefit from jotting down a few things that may no longer be serving you. I hope you take a moment to think long and hard about somethings that you can let go of TODAY and fill that time in with practices that nourish and fulfill you instead.


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