Self-Care Plan (FREE DOWNLOAD!)

I love when the special topic of self-care comes up with clients. It’s so juicy, but usually an area that most are lacking in. I’m constantly trying to lead by example as a health coach, so when I recently created a self-care plan for a client of mine I made sure to fill it out myself! It was a great exercise because I realized what I am already practicing but had to think about other things that I really have to make more of a priority for overall good health.

It’s really easy for us to get wrapped up in what we’re eating or how we’re moving each day. While those two things are super important, we MUST make sure that we are nourishing ourselves in other areas of our lives. Nourishing our mind and soul. taking care of ourselves and doing things that we love. Being clear of who in our lives are supportive and uplifting to us. And of course choosing a word or a phrase that we can always come back to for grounding us and keeping us focused on our ultimate goal(s).

This is my little gift to you, it’s nothing colorful or crazy, but it’s a quick way to jot down some self-care practices that you currently practice and/or need to be practicing. If you need some suggestions, click on mine, but fill in practices that you really enjoy doing, not things that you feel you should be doing, and always make them attainable things.  Be sure to fill in ALL of the lines, you deserve all the love, support and nourishment you can get. Everyday.


After you complete this, perhaps you may want to fill out a Not-To-Do List, which is another simple exercise and FREE Download.

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